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Thanks for the Absolute Beginner Series!

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    I just wanted to thank all parties involved, particularly Mr. Tabor and Channel 9 for making these wonderful series available. I'm through C# and starting HTML & CSS and I've been very pleased with the quality and availability of the material. I hope to see more of these in the future, especially a Metro style app series. A great addition would be a continuation for the nonabsolute beginner ; D Thanks guys and keep it up! All of your work is greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you on behalf of the community. It is validating to see your enthusiasm, and this is from another guest of the site. You will find experts on these forums who welcome the opportunity to answer questions from all levels of experience. Of course other forums directly targeting a technology may be a better offering per question, but don't forget to ask here.


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    @FLGM: Glad to hear these lessons have worked for you!  I probably shouldn't let the cat out of the bag, but Windows 8 Store Apps is in the works.  Smiley   (Mums the word and you didn't hear it from me...) Best wishes!

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    Can I second that 'thank you'?

    I have just started out on my journey of C# programming and everything I have found does not explain the fundamentals in the way you do in these videos.

    I'm up to video #4 and for the first time I'm not sitting there reading someone else's code and understanding only 50% of it because they didn't explain what things were and what they meant.

    Your tutorials are the missing link for me and I cant thank you enough!

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    Wanted to pile on the praise.  The Beginner series is awesome.  I've been struggling with some basics and wish I would have watched these videos months ago.  Excellent explanations and easy to comprehend examples.  Thanks, Bob!

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    Great series.  Kudos.  I hope to see more intermediate to advanced.

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    Thank you for utilizing and retaining an incredible talent like Mr. Tabor. 

    I am starting out on a new path in life (old diesel-electric submarine sailor) and have always thought programming held the key for me to attain 'professional fulfillment' in the civilian world.  However, after trying 3 different times with varying levels of lack of success, I had given up.

    I am utilizing Bob Tabor's videos from Channel 9, specifically (currently) the VB intro series.  I have never been exposed to an instructor/mentor who teaches with such clarity, positive attitude and retains the ability to know what the beginner is going through and reach him at his level, such as Mr. Tabor has.


    Please use him for more training material.  I think it would be a win-win-win for everybody involved.  If I had my choices (glad you asked).... Intermediate VB, SQL/T-SQL would be a great place to start.



    Steven M. Bridge




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    Awesome series. addictive! 

    Microsoft and Bob, please keep them coming!

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    Thanks Bob, it was just what I was looking for to get into programming .NET

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    @BobTabor: Hi Hello, my name is Thierno Kane, from Senegal living in UAE working at Senegal Embassy in UAE,  i just love VB since i was in hight school. I'm day and night following  your programm now, i'm still in 11 sery.  I just want to thank you a lot. 

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    I am starting now on the C# fundamentaour explanations and vids are great and they really help me now. I'm a software test engineer, trying hard to learn C# so I can code too.. haha Thanks so much! Big Smile Wink

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    Hi Bob

    First off, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to explain topics the way you do. In my experience, sometimes instructors who have a lot of experience forget that some things that they understand as simple are vague and complex ideas to beginners, and I praise you for not doing the same.

    I was watching your JS for Absolute Beginners tutorial; Coming from coding Java, and trying to understand some of the differences between it and JavaScript, I was hoping you could tell me what it means if I use the var keyword outside of any function. In other words, create a variable outside of any block of code like you would a global but adding the var keyword in front. How does this affect scope?

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    @BobTabor: I am new into the Programming World. I want to learn how to about Database and How to connect database with windows application. If you are making or planning to make any video series for beginners then please include below are things.

    1. How to create database.
    2. How to define relationship between tables.
    3. How to write different-different queries. put some examples.
    4. What is the difference between queries and macros.
    5. How to assign macro or query to specific form.
    6. How to update one table by adding data in another table continuously.
    7. How to prepare reports as well as customize reports.
    8. Last but not least how to connect database by using Visual Studio 2012.



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    @BobTabor:having trouble using adobe flash player. cant get the info on windows 8 in my library. any suggestions?

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    @BobTabor: I'm on the C# Fundamentals Course, Just Wondering, Does it only go through command-line app coding or Do we actually start Desktop (WPF) Applications in this tutorial?

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    I apologize ... I have not followed this thread.  I will now ... I've been replying to the threads / comments below each video for the series I've created.  So, again, I'm sorry for the delayed response here.  

    @GigiFusc: @goody71: @fpvaltierra: @StevenB: @CodeofDuty: @Dirtbagg: @thiernich: @munikmunik: Thank you for the very nice compliments and kind words.  They are very encouraging.  I'm glad to see there are people who have benefited from what I've done.  Good luck to each of you!

    @nvncbl1: re: var & scope ... check this out:

    @Eigenvector: As far as I know, there's no plan in the works to hire *me* to create those series.  If you ask the right people nicely enough, I'm sure Microsoft can find a way to make that happen.  However, I have created what you're asking for (at least, to some extent) on my own website.

    @friends48: I believe Channel9 uses Silverlight, not Flash.  If you are having a problem streaming the videos, you may prefer to download the video to your local computer and viewing from there.  Choose either MP4 or WMV versions.  Good luck!

    @TAAdel: Hi, there's NO WPF in that series at all.  This is strictly a language series.  As of yet Microsoft has not asked me to create a WPF, ASP.NET, etc. series.  However, I do have Phone and Windows 8 Store series that utilize C#.  Click here to see the most recent series I've created for Channel9.  Channel9 (and Microsoft at large, as well as my own website) has many resources for learning the presentation layer technologies.

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    @BobTabor- i was working on your example of GPS, Location API. But i am not able to access terra service.Also i am not able to access the I want to know if the terra web service is available or not. If not what is the alternative.

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    @ManishVision: Unfortunately, in the 3 years since I recorded the Phone series, that service is no longer available it seems.  This is a common problem on the internet ... things change FAST.

    Here's a thread of possible alternatives:

    They will not be 100% compatible with the code I wrote in that series ... i.e., the web address and the parameters you pass these web services undoubtedly will be different.  I realize that's not the answer you were hoping for but unfortunately that's all I can offer.

    We're re-recording that series of videos (right now I'm preparing the material) and we will not be doing that example, but instead using Bing Maps and the Flickr API to find all photos near your current location.

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