I apologize ... I have not followed this thread.  I will now ... I've been replying to the threads / comments below each video for the series I've created.  So, again, I'm sorry for the delayed response here.  

@GigiFusc: @goody71: @fpvaltierra: @StevenB: @CodeofDuty: @Dirtbagg: @thiernich: @munikmunik: Thank you for the very nice compliments and kind words.  They are very encouraging.  I'm glad to see there are people who have benefited from what I've done.  Good luck to each of you!

@nvncbl1: re: var & scope ... check this out:


@Eigenvector: As far as I know, there's no plan in the works to hire *me* to create those series.  If you ask the right people nicely enough, I'm sure Microsoft can find a way to make that happen.  However, I have created what you're asking for (at least, to some extent) on my own website.

@friends48: I believe Channel9 uses Silverlight, not Flash.  If you are having a problem streaming the videos, you may prefer to download the video to your local computer and viewing from there.  Choose either MP4 or WMV versions.  Good luck!

@TAAdel: Hi, there's NO WPF in that series at all.  This is strictly a language series.  As of yet Microsoft has not asked me to create a WPF, ASP.NET, etc. series.  However, I do have Phone and Windows 8 Store series that utilize C#.  Click here to see the most recent series I've created for Channel9.  Channel9 (and Microsoft at large, as well as my own website) has many resources for learning the presentation layer technologies.