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View Thread: Thanks for the Absolute Beginner Series!
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    Thank you for utilizing and retaining an incredible talent like Mr. Tabor. 

    I am starting out on a new path in life (old diesel-electric submarine sailor) and have always thought programming held the key for me to attain 'professional fulfillment' in the civilian world.  However, after trying 3 different times with varying levels of lack of success, I had given up.

    I am utilizing Bob Tabor's videos from Channel 9, specifically (currently) the VB intro series.  I have never been exposed to an instructor/mentor who teaches with such clarity, positive attitude and retains the ability to know what the beginner is going through and reach him at his level, such as Mr. Tabor has.


    Please use him for more training material.  I think it would be a win-win-win for everybody involved.  If I had my choices (glad you asked).... Intermediate VB, SQL/T-SQL would be a great place to start.



    Steven M. Bridge