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Thanks for the Absolute Beginner Series!

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    @Bob tabor

    Your tutorials are very clears! ( type "how-to") Thank you for that, but there are too many latin people that don't understand your comments (that you said while you were coding ) .

    Had you ever thought on a spanish section?

    or subtitles?

    or promote links to spanish tutorials?

    or maybe promote in Latin Universities (with the teachers) that they will made the same tutorial in spanish?

    or promote latin blogs?

    The latin peope are near to 400'000,000 in the world

    I make tutorials for my latin community in this youtube channel

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    Thank you very much for this series. Please is there a link that i can download all the videos at once instead of downloading one by one. Thanks.

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    @olujedai: You can hook up the RSS feed for a series to your favorite podcast software and download it that way.  Just find the format that you'd like under the "subscribe to this series" link.

    For example:

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    @jambriz: I think I answered you in another place.  Just wanted to make sure you saw that ... I only now realized that there was a Page 1, Page 2 and this conversation has drifted on to page 2 ... doh!

    In a nut shell, subtitles are hard.  What I can (and will) do is provide the full text of the videos.  You should be able to translate those as needed.

    Good luck to your YouTube effort!

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    Bob you are the man! A great teacher! You are the first person who managed to get me interested in the possibility of learning how to code and your lessons, are the easiest to follow by far! 

    Thank You!

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    good day,

    i really like the series and the way you portrayed every step clearly, but i have a problem in the very first part of the lesson, creating a HelloWorld application i always seem to get an error code in both methods. for the method via visual studio i get the following error:

    error while trying to run project: Could not load file 'HelloWorld' or one of its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an assembly manifest.

    please i need help in resolving this issue.


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    @celebuoy: Yikes.  That sounds like a serious problem.  Try using the Build and Rebuild options in the Build menu of Visual Studio.  Try rebooting.  Try re-installing Visual Studio (the version you're currently using).  Try creating a new project (File ... New Project) then IMMEDIATELY hitting the F5 Run-Debug button on the toolbar just to see if it will work.  If none of that works then you may have a permissions problem on your computer or something has become corrupted.  I tried to search for that exact error message ... unfortunately, most of the time the person having the problem doesn't provide enough description of the problem, what they've tried, what they've gotten to work, etc. to allow others to help.  Please detail every little thing that you did or didn't do so that myself or someone else here can try to help you remotely debug the problem.  Post your code.  Walk me through the exact things you're clicking on, etc.  I'll help if I can!  Good luck!

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    To Microsoft and Channel9:

    Please ask Bob Tabor to make web forms and mvc series for absolute beginners, and also ajax with for absolute beginners series. It would be awesome.

    I am thankful to Thanks Bob Tabor, Channel9 and Microsoft for these all absolute beginners series. I am learning from these series a lot of things.


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    @cfab: Awesome.  Thanks for taking the time to write this.  Smiley

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    @Bob Tabor ~~~

    Hi Bob , I'd like to thank you first because I learnt a lot from you .. and Secondly , I want to ask you sth : I wrote a code using visual basic but i have a problem , so can you check that for me , i'd be glad to know you answered .. so here is the code                                                               : 

        Sub Main()
            Console.WriteLine("Write your name under here ...")
            Dim name = Console.ReadLine()
            Console.WriteLine("Welcome {0} !", name)
            GoTo Start
            Dim uservalue1 As String
            Console.WriteLine("Now you have been permitted to access the Secret Room of Quizes .. ")
            Console.WriteLine("If you feel concerned write : I am ready , if you ignore that ,write : Later ")
            uservalue1 = Console.Read()
            If uservalue1 = "I am ready" Or "i am ready" Or "I'm ready" Or "i'm ready" Or "I AM READY" Or "I am Ready" Then
                Console.WriteLine("Let's Start !!")
            ElseIf uservalue1 = "Later" Or "later" Or "" Then
                Console.WriteLine("Sorry then .. C U Later .. Feel free to Play anytime")
                Console.WriteLine("You didn't write one of the of the above STUPID , Try later and spell correctly next time ...")
            End If
        End Sub
    End Module

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    @miroamr78: Hey there, you didn't say what problem you were having, but something you should look at is how you are doing your IF statements.

    You have

    If uservalue1 = "I am ready" Or "i am ready" ... and so on

    but the correct syntax would be

    If uservalue1 = "I am ready" Or uservalue1 = "i am ready" Or uservalue1 = "..." and so on.

    You have to have the complete expression each time, because each of those expressions before and after the OR operator have to be able to evaluated as true or false. uservalue1="something" can be true or false, but just "something" cannot.


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    Bob so far I've watched 3 of your videos and I must say that you make this stuff very understandable..

    I Have a question for everyone here.. I'm thinking of making a career move and I'am very interested in programming. I just do not know if the field has been over run with Programmers. I'd hate to spend time and money into learnig programming just to come out and work as a janitor at

    Not to say that working at Mc'ds is bad, but I'm a little older and dont have time to waist on a field that is over saturated with programmers..


    I live in Ontario, Canada eh! So if any of you have more in depth info on the workforce I would appriecate it..

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    @BobMarley: I've written a blog post about this ... perhaps this would help a little:

    I recently read that demand for programmers will double by 2025.  Who knows if that's accurate -- it's just a prediction, but one thing you can't deny ... things will not get less technical.  The future will rely on MORE software, more integration, more technology and someone has to write that future.

    Ontario is a pretty big place, so I'm guessing the market would be strong.  Regional factors do play a big role in demand for a given area.  You might attempt to make some contacts in the industry up there ... friends of friends, etc.  Check out specifically for Ontario to see what the demand is like there.

    I can only speak for myself ... I've been doing this for 18 years and I've never gone a day without a job.  Recently, I've gotten a call at least once a week -- head hunters looking for senior .net developers.  So, I know for the near future, there's a demand.

    In virtually every field, there is some degree of trepidation.  The demand for lawyers has decreased, yet I have three friends who are lawyers who are doing quite well.  In the US, with all the talk about socialized medicine, kids are shying away from medicine and doctors are retiring, yet there will always be a demand for health care.  My wife is in the legal field as a court reporter ... they're worried that translation software will make them obsolete, yet she is still in demand.  You can talk yourself out of any profession.

    At the end of the day, someone has to build and maintain software.  It's a highly skilled job that even experts grapple with keeping up.  If you keep your skills up to date and keep your head up observing industry trends, and if you work hard, present yourself professionally and interview well, I think you'll do just fine.  Maybe others can chime in here.  That's just my personal experience.

    Good luck @BobMarley ... let me know if I can help.

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    Hello Bob

    I would like to thank you for the Windows Phone 8 Development for Absolute Beginners series.

    I have just two quick questions.

    With Visual Studio is sent also Expression Blend. the questions are:

    Do we use Expression Blend to create and edit XAML interfaces or is the same doing them also with Visual Studio ?

    Expression Blend is used for specific and more complicated XAML interfaces ?

    If you can suggest me any other Web resource, which can explain what tool is best to use I would appreciate it very much.

    Thanks for answers.


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    i saw many videos of yours. i am learning c# and just a beginner.

    i want to learn more about classes and its objects, like what all can we do with objects.

    i saw in delegations/File I/p O/o e.t.c, we use objects as arguments,parameter..what does it actually mean?

    i want some ready projects with User interface and Source code to understanding programming more and to know the console concepts practically


    couldn't find a way to contact you,so posted here


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    hi bob

    man i love ur absolute beginner series !

    you have a great quality; taking the most complex topics and turn them extremely easy

    i found your videos very helpful and im hooked to programming now also i wanna know where to go after i complete these series, what to read or watch.

    i prefer studying  work of the following 3 pioneers :

    1.Bob Tabor

    2.Bob Tabor

    3.Bob Tabor Tongue Out


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    Thank you Bob for your great professionalism.

    I've never found other teachers so clear in explanations and able to involve in this way.

    I hope in future lessons with more complex topics (databases, serialization, reflection, etc.)

    Thanks once again.


    Warm regards from Italy

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    Hey Bob unfortunately all I have been able to do is watch the first and second videos because I don't know where to find the download link for the "before and after materials".

    Also the webpage html5 and css3 for beginners under Microsoft Visual Academy contains no working links whatsoever, except of course for the ones that send me to Channel 9.

    So how do I make progress with your tutorials and how do i save my progress with the MVA website?



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