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View Thread: Video Downloads: some suggestions
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    @andipandi:thanks for the suggestions!


    1.)  I will take into consideration the naming convention you specified. I usually upload the conference videos from C9Live with the name of the session, but i will start adding the name of the conference as well as speaker.

    2.) which videos have bad audio? I know everything shot in the studio has had great audio quality in the last few months (since I am recording them Big Smile ) are you refering to content contributor by others? Channel 9 is still a site for most Microsoft employees to upload videos to, we can't control every contributors video uploaded. But videos featured on the homepage are usually of the highest quality. There might be a few conferences where there are no audio mixer supervisors but those are usually the free conferences but we still find the content to be great so we upload them. Would it be prefered to not upload the videos then if they had poor quality? i.e. 


    3.) this can be answered in my above response. channel 9 doesn't film/encode everything. and for the aspconf i know volunteers helped out with those videos. but for the future, I will see what our team can do to filter out anything of poor quality.