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    I'm trying to subscribe to North American Tech Ed 2011 event but it doesn't look like the videos are embeded in the feed, am I seeing that correctly?  For example shouldn't there be additional data about the video for TE101?

    I'd like to use a service like and my Roku to Watch the event.  Is that possible?




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    When I look at that feed in IE9, I see a wmv in there for each entry. Are you not seeing it? Or maybe using a different browser? I don't see the enclosures using Chrome but if I View Source on the page, I can see that they are in there.

    If you're looking for a different format, you can add /mp4 to the end of the URL or any of these other formats: wmv, zune, wmvhigh, ipod, mp3, wma, mp4high and if we have that format they should show up.

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