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    I had a mail from MSFT this morning that was badly formatted (below) then I noticed this video with similar formatting issues:

    "Bonny Lau explains the reasoning behind theWindows 8user experience and urges developers to leveragedesign templatesas a starting point"

    Have you been hit?



    Dear Ian G Walker,
    Thankyou for your interest in the Windows Phone SDK 8.0 Developer Preview program, designed to help our active Windows Phone developers ready their apps for Windows Phone 8. Unfortunately, you were not selected for participation at this time; however, we will continue to invite applicants to participate as space permits.
    Aspreviously mentioned on the Windows Phone Dev Blog, we are limited in the number of developers that we can support via thisprogram,so applicants are being prioritized and selected based on a range of criteria including theranking andratings of theirapps.
    WindowsPhone 8 is designed to run Windows Phone 7.5apps, so your existing apps will be available to Windows Phone 8 devices at launch. If you would like to better prepare your app for Windows Phone 8, you can evaluate your app for some degree of optimization to ensure the best possible experience when running on the new kernel.To help you out,we'verecently provided initialguidance in theFuture-proofingYour Apps  blog post.

    Thankyou again for your support of Windows Phone,
    Windows Phone Apps Team


    NB When I mailed back to let them know I got a nasty message back saying that their mailbox was full (which also rings a few alarm bells)