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View Thread: Visual Studio Achievements Not Unlocking Properly
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    For instance, the "Install and Register For Visual Studio Achievements" says it has been unlocked every time I start Visual Studio.  It does not show on the website, or in the Tools, Achievements window.

    There are 3 others (Overload, Equal Oportunist and Magic Numbers) that say they've been unlocked each time I compile for the first time in a Visual Studio session.  These don't show on the website or the Achievements window either.

    I'm using Visual Studio 2010 on 64 bit Windows 7.

    On a completely separate note, the achievements that count things seem to be ignoring the thing they are supposed to count (most of the time).  For example, the organize usings achivement has not counted any of the times I've used it, the F10 achivement has counted a few times out of the probably 20 times I've used it, and the Achievements window and the website aren't even in sync on the count for that one.