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View Thread: Website Videos are slow/not working
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    Shrage I am having the same problem. Streaming has to buffer so often that it's not worth doing. There are no words to express how frustrating it is to start an 800mb download (that is always stupidly slow on Channel 9), come back in a few hours, see it has "completed" only to find that it only plays the first couple of minutes of the video.

    Almost every time I visit C9 now I run into similar issues. It's getting to the point where I just don't bother clicking Channel 9 links anymore because it's not worth the frustration, which is annoying because the content is so great. Shame the service is so poor.

    The latest link to give me trouble was this video

    But it happens so frequently I could just pull out any link I want. Please get this sorted out, I love C9 content but you guys are spending too many resources making it look fancy with redesigns and not enough on making it WORK!

    Hoping things improve soon, thanks guys Smiley