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View Thread: When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?
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    Mr Crash

    By comment control i mean the edit control with the toolbar you write a comment in.


    It's very buggy.

    It seems to only and barely work in internet explorer.

    It sometimes shows up and work in other browsers.

    The browsers spell checking doesn't even work in it.

    Long comments have a bad scroll bug, when you click on a place to edit it scrolls up to the beginning of the comment control.

    And due to this scroll bug you can't even click the submit button because when you try  to click the button it scrolls up.


    I use SRware Iron (Chrome version) and i would very much like this to get fixed.

    Why is it taking so much time to fix it ?

    Have you even started to fix it ?

    Do you not care about users that use other (better) browsers ?


    Seems like you are not following the browser standards again, that is why it only works in internet explorer...