Screenshots of firefox bugs:

first half of the text misssing ( scrolled to the right, cannot scroll to the left as the D's tries to demonstrate)

missing toolbar / comment control totally broken == Lost text formatting:


There's also a bug where the submit button refuses to work
Firefox also have the "missing toolbar", "broken spell checker", "broken reply link", etc... bugs as chrome.


@CaraCara9 "We've been in contact with TinyMCE"
Not to be mean but i have to mention that it have been weeks (months?)
So is this just PR talk, saying you've been in contact with x when in fact you have not ?
I mean reporting bugs doesn't take weeks just an hour per bug and getting in contact with a dev, perhaps 2 days to a week.


So you can understand my skepticism.
I'm a dev myself and it just doesn't take this long.
( As long as you make it clear that corporate / political etc. pissing matches are not tolerated -.- oh the crap some people think they can pull )