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View Thread: When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?
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    Mr Crash

    , Cara9 wrote


    Forgot about this part. The submit button refuses to work? I haven't heard of this happening... we're not doing any funny business with the submit button besides validation.. you're not getting any error messages when this happens?


    No errors


    Any consistencies you can mention when it happens? Always in Firefox and not IE?


    I have not tested it in firefox or IE yet.

    I don't know how to replicate it. It seem to happen at random and not often.



    Broken spell checker - We don't have a spell checker on the control that I know of so it must be the Firefox spell checker you're referring to? In what way is it broken?


    It's chrome's internal spell checker i'm talking about, chrome (SWare Iron) is my primary browser.

    I usually only use firefox for sites with nasty flash ads and IE only when microsoft forces me  Mad



    Broken reply link - You click, it does nothing?


    When clicked, it scrolls down one page and then nothing.

    (The reply text isn't added to the text control)


    That functionality is done with javascript so maybe it's another case of the javascript not loading properly especially if it's an intermittent problem. Sounds like it's often enough to make you notice though.

    "javascript not loading properly"

    Perhaps i don't know.

    But i'm cuite curious of how javascript can't be loaded properly. Are you doing some fancy nonstandard stuff that only works in IE ?

    If not then i can guess it's because your doing something that needs to be done / triggered at a specific moment for it to work, which is bad practice and bad programming. All browsers doesn't do the same thing in the same order with the same timings etc...


    I am wondering and a bit annoyed, do i have to remind you microsoft devs that everyone doesn't use IE ?

    Most people switch as soon as they learn that there are better browsers out there...

    Only testing your code with IE is just wrong in so many ways...

    Ok time to stop before i get into preaching mode...