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View Thread: When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?
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    , Mr Crash wrote

    ... snip ...

    There's also a bug where the submit button refuses to work
    Firefox also have the "missing toolbar", "broken spell checker", "broken reply link", etc... bugs as chrome.


    Forgot about this part. The submit button refuses to work? I haven't heard of this happening... we're not doing any funny business with the submit button besides validation.. you're not getting any error messages when this happens? Any consistencies you can mention when it happens? Always in Firefox and not IE?

    Broken spell checker - We don't have a spell checker on the control that I know of so it must be the Firefox spell checker you're referring to? In what way is it broken?

    Broken reply link - You click, it does nothing? That functionality is done with javascript so maybe it's another case of the javascript not loading properly especially if it's an intermittent problem. Sounds like it's often enough to make you notice though.