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View Thread: When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?
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    Mr Crash

    > You seem to be under the impression that there is some sort of standard around rich text editors. There isn't. So to ask if IE did not follow the standards is silly. There is no standard.


    Oh my, well that explains it. I assumed there was one. I'm actually surprised that there isn't one yet. I apologize.


    HTML5 is trying to standardize rich-text editing but it is still a work in progress. The work on HTML5 actually is similar to IE's approach.


    That begs the questions:

    1. Aren't microsoft helping with the HTML5 ?

    2. Why are you creating a competetive HTML5 version ?  Is it because of another petty feud ?

    Seems like this is Blu-ray and HD-DVD all overagain.



    It's one thing to not follow the standard and there is another thing to have extra features.



    > If you would like to start over, I would like to work with you to solve your problems. This is a long and twisted thread, and I have lost track of exactly what is going wrong for you. If you could bullet list the problems you are having with text editing on this site, I will try and solve them.


    I wouldnt say it's long or twisted but okey, here's the list:

    • browsers spell checking doesn't work
    • reply and quote buttons doesn't work sometimes
    • Long comments have a bad scroll bug - might be fixed now, i don't know
    • copy and paste is buggy in many ways (i'm using the keyboard shortcuts: ctrl+c, ctrl+v)
    •      1. pasting in a long comment makes the whole page scroll down
    •      2.  Pasted text get different formatting ( see my previous post for example )
    • The comment control doesn't load (
    • Comments lose formatting (even when the toolbar is visible)
    • Breaking up a quote doesn't work (using *snip*) Make it easier to split up quotes
    • Lines are to far apart from each other (
    • Pressing submit button takes you back to the first post in the thread


    Okey i think thats all, i might have forgotten some.

    As i have said before, I am willing to help you track down the problem by testing, etc..