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View Thread: When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?
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    Mr Crash

    Posting in Firefox so formatting will work, sigh...

    > Can you send a screenshot of this?
    erm ohkey... 0.o

    > Who's creating a competitve HTML5 version? We're not. We're using a third-party, javascript version until there is a better (hopefully HTML5 standardized) option.

    "The work on HTML5 actually is ___similar____ to IE's approach."
    I got that impression from the quote above.

    > Good suggestion, I'll put this in as a feature request.

    So i can expect this in about 10 - 20 years or more likely never, right ? Marked as "by design" ?
    Yes, i'm bitter, blame it in previous experiences with microsoft.

    > #1 is by design. It's an option in TinyMCE to have the box grow as you type so that you can see what you're typing without having to scroll the box down

    Ok, but it is buggy, hugh text block pasted in will make it scroll way down, so you have to scroll up to see the end of the text block you pasted in.

    > If you hit Enter it creates a new paragaph, if you hit Shift+Enter it creates a line break (<br />).

    I didn't know about that.
    I think it should be flipped, for better user experience.
    Make the enter key behave like an enter key again that is what the user expects, breaking your own guide lines again ey? naughty, naughty
    Also it would be good to add such info somewhere, my mind reading ability doesn't work at that distance... Wink

    > . It would be simple to send someone to /forum/thread#lastreadpost if we didn't have paging but since we do, we'd have to do a query on each thread to see what page the last read post exists on and that would bring down the perf on the forum thread list page.

    wow i just have to say it: what a stupid design, plain horrible.


    Another Feature request: Preview comment before posting it


    Sorry about the reagarged questions and answers, the comment control was extra buggy to day and it sucked the life out of me Sad so i gave up on making it pretty