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View Thread: When will the buggy comment control be fixed ?
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    Mr Crash


    > at what point did we ever suggest we only test in IE?

    Reading comments of other affected users and your responses.

    It also do help to have some healthy mistrust of microsoft.

    (Microsoft doing the right thing is like a politician telling the truth, it just doesn't happen that often and only after their caught..)

    But mostly because i have noticed many times that many microsoft sites doesn't function well if you don't use IE.

    > We did have to make some changes to our TinyMCE implementation to make it work correctly in IE9, but those changes are not related to the issues you are seeing.

    Since you brought it up,

    Did TinyMCE not do the right thing or did IE not follow the standards yet again and changing TinyMCE was easier then fixing the problem with IE ? ( Similar thing have happened before, many times )

    Btw a quote button might be good to have. (Select text and press the quote button )

    So what about my offer to help you fix it ? By testing etc..


    That's interesting but strange that the browser doesn't notify the user of these issues..
    Both dns and 502 errors are usually reported.

    > It must always be remembered that there are many machines outside of the control of both the server and the client. Any one of these may fail at any time.

    Blaming it on the other guy is not cool at all, it's not professional either.
    Yes i know it can happen, stuff breaks but that it breaks this often well it basically doesn't happen.

    > I can assure you that we are not doing "some fancy nonstandard stuff that only works in IE".
    I hear you but it would take a lot more for me to trust what you are saying..
    Side note: Have you ever tried to download something that requires "validation" that only works in IE ?
    As if IE would be any better that any other browser, it's not even funny how wrong that is.
    If anything it's the other way around, IE is one of the worst broswers, with all the bugs, etx..

    > We take many steps to reduce script erros on pages and provide the best possible end-user experience when failures do happen.
    Obviously your steps are flawed.
    As any dev will tell you: Tests != users


    PS: I'm not trying to be mean i just don't like beating around the bush.