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Win XP Pro IE8

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    I experience a javascript bug. The box i now write in exands its lower boundary and acturlly dont stop doing that , so long post are not visible beacse of the grey field bellow and the charactuer is wirtten in black in the grey field below. Works OK in other browswers,

    Will this mean my payed and still supported version on XP/IE8 dont work inhere?


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    I'm not sure what support for XP/IE8 have to do with this or any other website?

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    I get that bug too. I'd rather have it fall back to showing scrollbars if the auto-expand thing won't work.

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    Thank you for letting us know about this bug. It has been fixed.

    FWIW, this was a simple CSS error, not a javascript error.

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    There have been reports that sometimes the expansion feature in tinyMCE is not working.

    I haven't determined if this only happens in ie8 or not. I am going to engage the tinyMCE team to see if this has already been reported.

    Also, when editing an existing post, the expansion feature does not always work.

    Again, will be talking with the tinyMCE folks to see what they say

    -edit- testing edit



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    I have added a small init routine to try to force tinyMCE to resize. It seems to be working.

    Look for an update on Monday

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    tinyMCE has been updated. Let me know if you see any problems going forward

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