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Wrong Description for #12 - C# Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

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    The descriptions seem to have been copy and pasted -

    Working with Strings - 12
    Like strings, dates and times are represented using special types, and so deserve some attention. In this lesson we learn how to work with Date and Time data, how to create new instances of DateTime, how to add time, format the data for display, and more. Furthermore, we discuss the TimeSpan class...



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    This is fixed now, sorry about that.

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    Pls, where are you learning C# Fundamentals: Development for absolute beginners. Is it on channel9. Also, I'm using windows 7 pc, How can I download Microsoft visual studio and what version.

    I actually want to learn C#, C++  from the elementary level so as to be able to develop a game within 2 months. Pls how do I get started. Any useful software to download coupled with materials and tutorials to start with. Many Thanks

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    @Vicky1:here are all of our absolute beginner series: 

    best of luck!

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    hi there and thanks for this forums

    Im new In windows 8 app design and C#

    please anounce me a beginers tut to create and develop win store app

    mostly I want to learn about creating slideshow  in win store app

    help me

    forgive me for bad english 



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