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aspConf video broken

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    it says "The video is not loading properly, this is a temporary problem...."

    it's not so temporary, apparently. eventually it says "The video is not available at this time. Retry."

    I'm not sure what happened. I was watching the live stream (although delayed by several hours) just fine and then it stopped.

    This has happened at several events previously (PDC and build, I think) where there has been a seekable live stream that was taken down before the session videos were available. Please don't do this Sad

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    Once we finish a live event, we have to close the publishing point to complete the event. We usually wait a period of time to do this since not everyone is watching live and we want to give them a chance to finish, usually a couple hours after event close. We typically have videos from our live events rendering and/or published within 24 hours, so it's a short window of unavailability.

    For future events, I'll look into what we can do to keep the publishing point open a bit longer.



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