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c9's sign Out have never worked ! I'm sick of it

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    I sign in to make a comment but when i try to sign out it wont work.

    No matter how many times i click the sign out link the page reloads and i still see the sign out link.

    It's been several months why have you not fixed this issue. It's major security problem. I can't sign in on a public computer with the way this is now.

    The workaround  that worked before was that i went to and signed out from there but not even that works now. What the hell have you done ? Isn't microsoft supposed to be really anal about security ?

    Please fix it once and for all. Better yet provide an alternative to your all-in-one live account system.

    Bit of topic but still relevant:
    Having everything in one account is convenient for the lazy and non-security conscious people. But when things go wrong and they will like somebody gets hold the account info and gets in.
    Now you are connecting it to windows login too ?!
    I'm guessing its for syncing (hyped up but really unstable and crappy "cloud" tech).
    That's monopoly again. Integrating live account service with windows !
    Will EU have to tell you it's wrong again ?!

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    Just tested this and can confirm that Sign Out does not work (perhaps due to the LiveID Helper plug-in for IE9?).


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    @Charles: Hi, I do not use IE (it lacks the flow that firefox and chrome have).

    In this case i'm using chrome official normal release.

    I have learned to check my browser settings and plugins after installing software. Software tend to install plugins and change settings without the users permission.
    Good example of this is the microsoft's live installer another one is skype.
    When detected i removed them because they are always buggy and slow down the browser and make it crash. They also tend to spy and leak personal information. Ads love to query these plugins for information.

    Anyway, will you fix this issue soon ? Now that you know it exists. 

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    I seem to have the opposite problem with chrome and c9's live ID support. I can't seem to get it to stay logged in on on vista or win7. I've tried clearing cookies on the vista machine to no avail , but the brand new win7 machine has done this from the get-go. My XP machine at work stays logged in just fine in chrome.

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    I'm unable to stay signed in between sessions on IE9 in Win7. Works fine on XP.

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