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    can we get higher quality versions of the videos that play back in the player embedded on the ch9 site? currently it seems the highest bitrate is 560000, which is fine for the default size, but it's impossible to read un-zoomed text during demos at this resolution, and zooming the browser window (ctrl-+) doesn't help since it doesn't cause the player to switch to a higher resolution.


    i don't want to have to download MP4s in order to be able to read what's on the presenters' screens.


    please do the following:

    1) provide higher resolution versions of the smooth streaming feeds.

    2) make the player sensitive to its zoomed size so it automatically switches to the appropriate version.

    3) provide zooming UI (like YouTube's size toggle)

    4) add a pop-out button to show the player in its own window with no surrounding UI (pause the player on the page when this one's visible, sync timelines when it's closed).

    5) tie a little tag to the end of your DVI cables in the studio that reads "increase your font size!!"