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managementUI.Sample Azure

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    my name is adit,

    i have little problem here, i cant install "Package WindowsPhone.Notifications.ManagementUI.Sample"..

    here the error statement :


    Install-Package : Failed to add reference to 'Microsoft.IdentityModel'. Please make sure that it is in the Global Assembly Cache.
    At line:1 char:16
    + Install-Package <<<<  WindowsPhone.Notifications.ManagementUI.Sample
        + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (Smiley [Install-Package], InvalidOperationException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : NuGetCmdletUnhandledException,NuGet.PowerShell.Commands.InstallPackageCommand


    may anyone help me..
    thanks in advance

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    @jonathanditya:Where did you get that sample from? That will help us track down the right people to help you out

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    Use following link & install some update


    then I think your problem will solve




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    Had same issue and the problem was solved by using your recommendation.

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