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please update WP7 tutorial videos.

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    Pretty much the entire series of WP7 tutorials is of really bad quality on the website while there is a better version available to download. 

    Talking about this series:

    Please update these videos with the higher quality version, it is very difficult some times to follow what Bob types. Many of us prefer not to have to download the videos and i know in other series you do offer higher resolution content (i.e Bob's C# series has great quality videos). 

    Thank you! 

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    @mrelder: By default, you'll get the smooth streaming version of the video.  This player will adjust its quality according to your bandwidth.  You can click the format button on the bottom right to change to progressive or HTML5 which will buffer like a traditional player, but should guarantee quality.

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    Unfortunately this isn't the case. That is what i expected as well, and my bandwidth is not an issue as i have a super fast connection. Perhaps it is an older implementation because on newer videos it works great and even gives me extra options on the track bar to choose my version.  


    • Html5 is the version i get by default. (the one that is of low quality that is) 
    • Flash is also low quality on IE with long waiting before the video even starts to load. On Chrome it even gave me an error and didn't work. 
    • Progressive just won't work on Chrome or IE. 



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    @mrelder:your getting it for free. your could pay to access this content on his website

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    @mrelder: That's odd, we'll look into it.

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