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View Thread: problem with Windows Phone 8 app deployment
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    Will you please help me to deploy the WP8 apps created by me in MS VS Express 2012 to HTC 8s phone. I want to deploy the apps only for testing. I tried to do it in two ways:

    1. I connected my phone to the PC by USB cable, unblocked the screen and rebuild the app in VS for Device not for Emulator. The first rebuild was OK but I could not find the app on the phone - where to look for the application on the phone?

    When I tried to rebuild the same app in VS for second, third ... times - I got the error: Error 1 Error writing file '%FOLDERID_SharedData%\PhoneTools\11.0\Install\{19310bdd-ad30-4529-bf8b-ff470876c8d6}\PhoneNotes.xap'. Error 0x80070003: System cannot find the path

    what is the reason of the error?

    2. I tried to use Application Deployment utility - I connected the phone, unlocked the screen, started Application Deployment, selected my XAP file and pressed Deploy button. I always received error 0x8973190E without any additional comments. They say it means the lack of storage, but my phone is empty, it is quite new. Could I use the Application Deployment for copying the apps to the phone?

    I have a developer account and my HTC 8S is registered, but my account is not payment - can it be the reason of failure?