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View Thread: Windows PowerShell Visual Studio 2005 Templates (C# and VB.NET)
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    This Visual Studio template adds a C#and/or VB.NET project template for building Windows PowerShell Cmdlets and item templates in both languages to build CmdLet derived and PSCmdLet derived Windows PowerShell Cmdlets.

    The project templates are a Visual Studio class library, with references to the Windows PowerShell assemblies. They also include a PSSnapIn class, which you can customise and use to install your Windows PowerShell cmdlets.

    The item templates included, create a PSCmdLet or CmdLet derived class, with the correct class attributes, a commented example of a parameter, and an empty ProcessRecord method.

    If you want to build Windows PowerShell cmdlets, this template will get you started and save you time.

    Note the templates are not signed.