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AzMan in the Enterprise - Sample Code

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    The Demystified Series is pleased to present a collection of screencasts on Windows Authorization Manager (AzMan). Keith Brown, a contributing editor for MSDN Magazine and co-founder of PluralSight, states that this series provides, “…what may be your first look at Authorization Manager – a hidden gem in Windows that can help you build Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) into your applications.” I trust you will discover this statement to be true for yourself as well.

    This sample code accompanies Part Three of the series entitled, "AzMan in the Enterprise." Here the fun really starts! Keith Brown's sample code serves as an example for how one might use AzMan in a more realistic enterprise scenario. Highlights include building a .NET wrapper around AzMan, client and server side use of AzMan with sample code for using AzMan in both a Web and WCF service. Keith also demonstrates some exception handling and performance monitoring techniques. A bonus is the code for the Windows PowerShell snap-in! This may just get your creative juices flowing for how you might use AzMan in your enterprise. Remember, this is SAMPLE code and is provided without any warranty or support.


    Link to the Screencast:
    AzMan in the Enterprise

    Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack

    Web Logs:
    donovanf's Identity and Access Blog 
    AzMan Team Blog
    Keith Brown's Blog

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    Thanks for the shows, Azman definitely looks like a hidden gem.

    I downloaded the code but unfortunately it does not seem to be the same as that discussed by Keith in the show.  There does not appear to be an asmx project and the WCF project doesn't appear to have the authorization checks.

    Could you point me towards a location where  can get the complete code.

    Thanks in advance


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    Phil, the SampleCode zip file has been refreshed, please download it again. It now contains a folder called WebProjects. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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