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MS.Services - SOA 4 HTTP

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    Hi everyone

    Originally I posted this project at

    I am looking for reviews. 

    This application runs as an application server and provides data to clients through HTTP (main target is AJAX applications). You can say that this is a provider fro SOA applications. You only need .Net 2.0 framework to install.

    I've included sample Northwind database with the installation. After installation you can make web requests like (the urls below are fictious)


    Where, ServiceName.MethodName is the method you want to invoke,
    Ext, defines the output, it can be either, WS (web Service), XLS (Excel), TXT (text), JSON (Javascript file) or RSS

    Also, you can get help with
    view WSDL file with
    Or get JSDL file with

    The method to execute can be a Stored Procedure execution, MSMQ insertion, .Net code or IronPython code.

    You can authorize and authenticate easily, log requests (to file, mail, msmq or anywhere you want), cache results (both on server and client) or even compress output with gzip.

    While you use these features, you don't need to write a single line of code.

    The code relies on Enterprise Library January 2006.

    I am using this code on live environment over 6 web servers where the configuration data is retrieved from database, so I can publish services very easily on large scaled systems. There is also a publishing system from one configuration (for development) to another (live) configuration.

    As I said I am waiting for responses. You can download from

    The source is available upon request.


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