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LiveZoom for Windows Vista

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    I love Mark Russinovich's ZoomIt tool, which one of the best zoom utilities for Windows.

    I wanted to see if I could use Vista's DWM API to build a similar utility, with the addition of live window updates, so I put together this small program (372 lines).

    The keyboard shortcut to activate is Ctrl+~
    Use the mouse wheel of up/down arrows to zoom in/out.

    Some feedback would be apreciated.

    Edit: Source Code added to zip file.

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    Do i need to press CTRL+~ and the scroll wheel? It's very hard to do that. On my keyboard i need to press two buttons to get to the ~ + CTRL, makes it three buttons.

    I was unable to test it, because it didn't work here ... Sad

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    You only need to press Ctrl+~ to activate the zoom window, assuming that Aero is enabled.

    To change the hot key that activates the zoom window, you can go to the file LiveZoom.cpp (currently, on line 85), and change the last parameter to the RegisterHotKey function. It is currently set to 0xC0 which is the the code for the tilda key on US keyboards.

    // Register hot-key
    if (!RegisterHotKey(hWnd, HOT_KEY_ID, MOD_CONTROL, 0xC0))
       SendMessage(hWnd, WM_DESTROY, 0, 0);

    You can set to something like 0x31 which is the code for the
    For more key codes, you can look on this page:

    When I have some free time, I might update the app with a Settings window and some performance improvements.

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    It's quite buggy; when I zoom it in, the icons in the notification area (especially if I zoom in all the way) seems to move, and if I'm zoomed in about half way, the taskbar seems to shift around as I move my mouse.

    It's a really great program, and, of course, needs more work to iron the bugs out.

    Keep up the good work!

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    yeah me makes me dizzle a bit..

    Top">">Top agents

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    I respect the work but wonder why Vista has such poor support for zooming when it is flawless on every other platform.  A lot of people (at Microsoft) discount the need.  What happened to the "sofa" based computing initiative (aka Media Center)?   Am I the only guy trying to read the tiny text on my 1080p display from across the room?  You set the display to 720p and you get the buttons cut off on the dialog boxes.  Every commercial product I've looked at (like ZoomText) uses display mirroring which disables the Aero (and flashes annoyingly while doing it).  Is Vista really this lame?  After looking at compiz and beryl on Linux as well as the built-in features on OS X, I'm a bit disillusioned with Microsoft and their latest gen OS.  I was excited to see your work.  Maybe all hope is not lost for Vista.

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