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    I respect the work but wonder why Vista has such poor support for zooming when it is flawless on every other platform.  A lot of people (at Microsoft) discount the need.  What happened to the "sofa" based computing initiative (aka Media Center)?   Am I the only guy trying to read the tiny text on my 1080p display from across the room?  You set the display to 720p and you get the buttons cut off on the dialog boxes.  Every commercial product I've looked at (like ZoomText) uses display mirroring which disables the Aero (and flashes annoyingly while doing it).  Is Vista really this lame?  After looking at compiz and beryl on Linux as well as the built-in features on OS X, I'm a bit disillusioned with Microsoft and their latest gen OS.  I was excited to see your work.  Maybe all hope is not lost for Vista.