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USB Device View Service: Advanced integration example between Vista DDK and Microsoft Robotics Studi

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    This is an advanced example of integration between Vista DDK (Driver Development Kit, part of the WDK) and Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5) using C++/CLI programming language.

    The primary focus will be to show how the USB View DDK sample can be turned into a Microsoft Robotics Studio DSS service. As a part of that several other items will be discussed:

    • How to write a C++ /CLI  DSS service that interacts with native class based C++ code and APIs
    • How to talk to device drivers using the I/O control code (IOCTL) calls
    • How to work with managed to native and native to managed calls and data
    • How to work with subscribers and notifications in a C++/ CLI DSS service
    • How to use native to managed callbacks for notifications
    • How to add an XSLT to a C++ /CLI DSS service
    Concepts and code that are not specific to the DDK can be easily applied or reused in other scenarios where a C++ /CLI DSS service is needed.

    You will need Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5) to run the provided service binaries, and a test Visual Programming Language diagram.

    To compile the included code you will also need the Windows Vista DDK. Familiarity with the DDK is needed to understand the DDK specific parts of the code.

    Inside the zip you will find the documentation file, example code, binaries to run the service, and a VPL test diagram.

    If you have any questions or problems feel free to post to the MSRS Community forum:

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