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Robot Sumo in Microsoft Visual Programming Language

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    These three diagrams demonstrate a functioning Sumo player written entirely in Miscrosoft Visual Programming Language.

    The first diagram demonstrates a simple player that just uses the bump sensors and cliff sensors on the simulated iRobot Create to detect the opponent (using the bump sensors) and the edge of the ring (using the cliff sensors)

    The second diagram demonstrates a more complete player that uses the camera on the robot to try and find the opponent (rather than wandering around the arena until bumping into something). Because of a known issue in the way that the services start, this diagram will not run directly from VPL, but needs to be compiled as a service (Menu Item Build -> Compile As Service) and then that compiled service needs to be run (Menu Item Run -> Run Compiled Services)

    This diagram removes all sumo playing logic from the diagram and allows you to drive the robot from a game controller or and on screen joystick widget.

    These need to be installed in this order

    Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)
    Sumo Competition for Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)
    Introductory Courseware for Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)  CTP Sep 2007

    All of these can be found at the Microsoft Robtics Studio download page -

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    Hey, im a student who's given a task to basically introduce VPL as a programming language to others on a project Robot Sumo. What seemed exciting is that VPL is graphical-based compared to C#. But i am solely new to VPL and am learning how this works.

    I've downloaded the above and there are questions i wanna ask.

    1) i tried compiling as a service but these came out. " The strong name key does not exist. Please select a valid string name key file."
    2) For instance, CliffFrontLeftSignal > 500 || CliffFrontRightSignal > 500 || CliffLeftSignal > 500. The change in value will resort to?
    3) Under ColorSegment, input value area is not define. Expression not valid.

    SO basically everything inside by default except for values the we need to change in order to achieve what we want?

    Hope you can help. Thanks.

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    I am a student doing a self-learn about the sumo vpl service. I was wondering when you run the program, it seems like all the robot does the same thing. I don't know what I did that was wrong. Why can't you just run it, instead of using Sumo Competition for Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5). Do you have to use that particular program to run it?

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    Then where can I download the Sumo Competition for Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5). I check the website that was provided in the very first post, but all they have is something related to 

    Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 2008 R2 Express Edition

    so where can I get Microsoft Robotics Studio (1.5)? I know that in vpl mu can use the simulation program they provide you, but it runs the program provided not my own

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    hi everybody !

     i have a problem about microsoft robotics

    i don't know  about simulations

    please ! can you help me ! 


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