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    Hey, im a student who's given a task to basically introduce VPL as a programming language to others on a project Robot Sumo. What seemed exciting is that VPL is graphical-based compared to C#. But i am solely new to VPL and am learning how this works.

    I've downloaded the above and there are questions i wanna ask.

    1) i tried compiling as a service but these came out. " The strong name key does not exist. Please select a valid string name key file."
    2) For instance, CliffFrontLeftSignal > 500 || CliffFrontRightSignal > 500 || CliffLeftSignal > 500. The change in value will resort to?
    3) Under ColorSegment, input value area is not define. Expression not valid.

    SO basically everything inside by default except for values the we need to change in order to achieve what we want?

    Hope you can help. Thanks.