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9 Guy in 3D (XAML and 3dsmax)

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    Sven Groot

    I had a recent opportunity to use 3dsmax, and I decided to brush up my marginal 3d modeling skills by creating a model of our good friend the 9 Guy.

    The model is based on my own foam figure, as close as I could get it. The download contains the original 3dsmax file, an rendering made in 3dsmax (with a starfield background for no good reason) and a XAML file I created with some convertor program I found on the web. The XAML version has a few artifacts that don't show up in the original, so that's either WPF's fault or a result of the conversion.

    You can play with this 9 Guy online at (click and drag to rotate, use the slider to zoom). Requires .Net 3.5.

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    Ion Todirel

    I'm not very familiar with WPF 3D capabilities but how does rotation thing works?, it's not working here you've done it via code? or its integrated in the WPF 3D? if you done it via code can you please add the code to the zip file?

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