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    Ion Todirel

    A little web application that acts as a filter between your agregator (like iTunes) and C9 rss feeds.

    How it works? In order to subscribe to a podcast from iTunes (never tried with something else) via RSS feeds every RSS feed item must contain the enclosure element:

            <encolosure url="url_to_media_file" type="mime_type" />

    (Note that iTunes requires also some other elements from like itunes:author, itunes:subtitle etc. a complete list of specifications can be found here).

    Because C9 RSS feeds doesn't contains enclosure element (and other tags for that matter) you can't subscribe to them from iTunes or something else. But... in the feed description we have the links to media files (as we have "Watch", "Dowload', "WMA" and "MP3") so it's enought just to do a regex on feed description and extract desired links and then create a new RSS feed which contains enclosure element (with url extracted from description) and needed elements. Sample Image.