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Quero Toolbar

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    Quero is a free add-on for Internet Explorer, which I am developing in my spare time since 2004.

    Quero is not yet another toolbar for IE but showcases the integration of the address bar, search box and find on page dialog into a new combined "awesome" address/search bar.

    Additionally, I implemented an optional ad blocker for IE since advertising got so annoying on some sites. You decide when you are in the mood for viewing ads with Quero.

    Main features:

    • Customize IE7: resize/shorten your address bar again
    • Search instantly from the address bar
    • Ad & Flash blocker
    • Quick Type & Find (supersedes the find dialog)
    • Highlight search terms
    • Cursor search
    • Go to text URLs
    • Paste and go
    • Full page zoom
    • Display favicons in taskbar
    • IDN support with anti-spoofing techniques
    • Quero respects your privacy (spyware & adware free, no auto-update)


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    Nice work, Viki. Where are you located in Austria? Vienna?

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    Thanks! Yes, I live in the beautiful city of Vienna.

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