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    A functional USA Dollar version of Jamie's Piggybank mockup application.

    A very simple, graphical personal finance application.

    Features for v1.0:

    * Upto six individual piggybank items
    * Add money to checking account
    * Creation of a checking account
    * Graphical money manuplation
    * Utilizes DirectX 7 for sprites
    * Open, Save, Close options
    * DES password encryption

    Tentative feature set for the next release, v2.0:

    * Add support for U.S cent change ((Maybe))
    * Utilize DirectX 9 for sprites in next release
    * Add U.S.D currency denominations sprites
    * Implement more piggybank item features

    Future release (v3.0 and beyond):

    * Support other currencies (Euro, Peso, Yen, etc.) ?

    License: This software is released under Public Domain with a disclaimer.

    Bugs: There is a window re-drawing issue. When this issue occurs, just drag the window elsewhere on the screen or minimize then restore the window to properly re-paint the background image. I hope to have the re-painting problem largely diminished by the next release.

    Download here or from 4shared link.

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