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It Was This Big Dotnet

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    This is a very simplistic clone of the Dimensions feature of xScope, as discussed in this Coffeehouse thread:

    Plenty of things could be done better. I may even get to them.

    It's a Visual Studio 2008 project in C# using WinForms.

    BSD License (AKA do what thou wilt).


    Update: New version. Simplified the UI. Now you just run it and move the mouse for a live measurement. Click to copy measurement to clipboard and exit. I still need to do something about the opacity hack. And a few other things.

    You can download it from my SkyDrive.

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    Haha - awesome!

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    Looks pretty good.

    I've tweaked it in the following ways:
    1. Changed the name to "It Was This Big .NET"
    2. Set up an installer project for it that also puts a shortcut to the program in the user's Start menu (and not buried under a knee-deep menu hierarchy).
    3. Plopped in a license form with a near-verbatim copy of the BSD license. I took out the bullet point regarding your "organization" because you're working solo.

    Note that if anyone works on this, they should change the version number so that the setup program can prompt the user to get rid of the old copy before installing the new version.

    Current version of It Was This Big .NET:
    Current version of Setup: 1.0.0

    You can download it from my SkyDrive. Wink

    Also, since I went to the trouble of sticking in the BSD license, I hereby hand over my copyright to the code to DCMonkey. Sue him. Not me. Tongue Out

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    Ion Todirel

    nice, you are the man! Smiley

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