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Search Engine Rank Finder (SERF)

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    Have you ever wondered to yourself... "Self, I wonder where I'm ranking on Google for Vista SP1 Redistributable"? Then you Google it and find your site in the results? Then you feel proud if you showed up on page 1? I do that... So today I sat down and wrote it for a blog rewrite I'm working on. You can get the full rundown on it here.

    Basically you give it a search term and a domain, pick a search engine, and it tells you where you appear within the engine's search results.  So if you're #1 on Google for something, it'll tell you and give you a link to that Google results page.

    Sure, there are some improvements that could be made; but it was quick, dirty, and effective.

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    Note that the download link is no longer broken; thanks, C9 team.

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    very cool app.... of course, I checked my own name and site first, then some keywords that I hoped Channel 9 would show up for.

    Perfect results and easy to use!

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