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Elwoh ContactAssistant for Verizon Wireless

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    Travis Howle

    Hey guys, looking for some feedback on some software I wrote, purely for an issue I had with Verizon Wireless -- even though they shoved it off to the side.

    It's called ContactAssistant Pro for Verizon Wireless, and is primarly used for individuals who have contacts from a SmartPhone, Windows Mobile Device, PDA, BlackBerry, or on Microsoft Outlook, or actually any other application capable of storing contacts who want to transfer them to their mobile phone using the Verizon BackupAssistant Network.

    Why is this a big deal to write software if BackupAssistant already does this? Because BackupAssistant does not, cannot, and will not take contacts from a SmartPhone or Outlook, or anything. You are forced to type in all of your 400+ contacts into your new phone manually.

    To download the software, go to

    Elwoh ContactAssistant Pro Elwoh ContactAssistant Pro Elwoh ContactAssistant Pro Elwoh ContactAssistant Pro Elwoh ContactAssistant Pro Elwoh ContactAssistant Pro

    How Does it Work:
    The Elwoh ContactAssistant System works by connecting to a Local Contact Repository (LCR) on your local computer, where contacts can be stored from a Windows Mobile Device, SmartPhone, PDA, BlackBerry, E-Mail Software such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live/Hotmail.

    Once connected to your local contact repository, the system gives a detailed summary of your contacts that are eligable for synchronization with the Verizon Wireless Network. From this point, you can revise your contacts or continue to the next step.

    The next step involved is establishing a direct secure connection between your computer and the Verizon Wireless BackupAssistant Network; to do this you simple enter your Verizon Wireless credentials and click "Connect".

    If the credentials are approved, you sustain an open secure connection to the network until your ContactAssistant session is complete.

    Next is the third, and final step involved in the process -- running the Elwoh ContactAssistant Engine, which intelligently processes each of the contacts within your local contact repository and synchronizes the detailed contact information with the BackupAssistant Network, while a detailed log and progress/statistical details are shown in the main window.

    When the process is completed, you are asked if you would like to "push" the contacts to your mobile device
    -- if you push yes, a BackupAssistant session is instantly invoked on your mobile device and the contact changes are pulled from the Verizon Wireless Network.

    For further details on how the system works, feel free to contact me at or via a private-message.

    Is There a Security Risk:
    There is not an elevated security risk with using the Elwoh ContactAssistant Pro system. You must enter your MyVerizon login credentials or your Verizon BackupAssistant credentials (usually your mobile number, and either a password or a PIN), however all data transfered between your computer and the network is encrypted, and ONLY transmitted to the Verizon Wireless network.

    There is NO further data connections or network traffic associated with this software other than that required to connect with and work hand-in-hand with the Verizon Network for BackupAssistant. No data is sent to Elwoh or any other third-party servers; if in doubt, I encourage you to use a packet-sniffer and watch the traffic being transfered.

    Is there a Mobile Cost:
    There is no extended network cost associated with using this software; however there may still be a fee of $1.99 for the use of the Verizon BackupAssistant system, if you aren't under a Verizon MyAccount Network.

    If I need Assistance, Who do I Contact:
    For questions, comments, and support on the Elwoh ContactAssistant Software contact Elwoh Software, or reply directly in this forum topic.

    If you need support on the Verizon Network, or Verizon BackupAssistant direct your inquiry to the Verizon Wireless Support Department.

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    Travis Howle

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