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    Yuppy, my miniWE has been approved on now. You can now try my software in peace since they have tested my app with their anti-virus and anti-spyware software. miniWE is an app launcher specifically aimed for Win7 users. You can run it on XP and Vista, but, Win7 will get the best use out of it.


    Version 3


    Couldn't pin your folder in Win7 task bar? Use this app. It is basically a pinable app pointing to any folder as you desire. You can create more miniWE with different ID to prevent miniWE grouped by Win7 taskbar as well.


    Update: v3.0.0.15 is a lot more responsive, not faster, just more responsive by moving icon loading to photo loading. And you can make it open the folder right away without using my GUI. Meaning it is basically like Folder in a Win98 quick launch bar.