Hi Niners!

I’m happy to announce that one year after its initial release, JSINQ is now stable and packed with new features. Just like the previous version, JSINQ supports the complete set of .NET 3.5 query operators. As of version 1.0, JSINQ also supports the .NET 4.0 query operator “zip”. Additionally, JSINQ now contains complete implementations of System.Collections.Generic.List and System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary. The dictionary class is especially useful, as it supports arbitrary values as keys (unlike JavaScript objects). JSINQ is fully documented, comes with a comprehensive suite of tests and is already being used in production. Without the optional query compiler, JSINQ is only 23 KB when minified.

You can learn more about JSINQ here: http://jsinq.codeplex.com/
An online playground that lets you play with the query syntax can be found here: http://kaijaeger.com/downloads/jsinq/playground/

As always, I’m appreciative of any feedback.