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    Detour – which offers a hassle-free way to breakthrough email attachment size limitation. Fully compatible with Microsoft Outlook, the first on-premise file exchange server - Detour - is designed to address the file size constraint and security concern in sending email attachment.


    Taking pressure off email server in sending large attachment, Detour handles attachment delivery of any file size on behalf of the email application in a unified user interface. It has two components: (1) Detour Attachment Plug-in, which acts as an agent for email client, handling the attachment delivery request; and (2) Detour Attachment Server, which performs the actual attachment delivery. Users just send and receive files of unlimited size exactly the same way as they used to do with their email application through the Detour plug-in. The Detour Attachment Server will handle monitoring and management of the file process behind-the-scene. File security and privacy, flexibility and regulation, seamless integration and easy management - all these can be achieved at fingertip.