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Automation server can't create object

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    satish ch


    We have digitally signed one of our activex component (dll) using thawte code signing certificate for microsoft autheticode. We packaged this dll in a MSI which is an IE browser tool. When we install this MSI the dll file will be placed into the GAC and when we activate the button placed in IE tool it calls the functions in the dll using activex object. Eventhough the dll is digitally signed when we call this we are getting the following error:

    Automation server can't create object

    Do you want to continue running the script on this page?

    If we change the IE security setting "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting" to 'Enable' then it is working and calling the activex object.

    But we think it should work even without enabling the above option as it is digitally signed.

    Can any one help us in resolving this issue and guide us if we are doing anything wrong. Also please provide us the documentation to digitally sign DLLs and MSI.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satish CH.

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