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Calctor 2.1 & Calctor Mobile 1.1

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    I've updated Calctor to version 2.1, and Calctor Mobile to version 1.1. If you only want the binaries, or to see the version history, check out this page.

    The source code contains a solution with 3 projects:

    • TC.Calctor.Core: a device class library that contains the core calculation engine, shared by the desktop version and the mobile version.
    • TC.Calctor: the desktop application.
    • TC.Calctor.Mobile: the mobile application.

    EDIT 29 Dec 2006: updated both Calctor and Calctor Mobile.

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    For whatever reason, whenever I try to run Calctor (install goes through OK), I recieve a dialog from Microsoft saying that "Calctor has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

    I'm guessing that this happens before your program is fully JIT-ted because it's not a regular .NET exception dialog box.

    I tried running your other software (e.g. Screen Capture) and it works OK.

    What's unique about Calctor (besides the underlying C# code)?

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    I have no idea what the problem could be. It's just a regular Windows Forms application. If you get the error message, is there a button that says 'Details'?

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    .Core is giving me a unsupported platform error, when loading in VS. I have never had this... strange.

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    TC.Calctor.Core is not a standard Class Library, but a Mobile Class Library. That way, I can use it for the desktop version as well as the mobile version. You'll need the Compact Framework 2.0 SDK installed. Another option is to create a new (regular) Class Library, and just import the files (don't forget the Expressions, Properties and Resources directories).

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    No, there isn't. It's not the usual .NET exception dialog w/ the stack trace and everything.

    The dialog says "Please tell Microsoft about this problem." and has the "Send Error Report" and "Don't Send" buttons.

    The dialog is nearly identical to the ones you get when a non-.NET program completely dies and Windows throws up a dialog about it.

    Do you want the dump file?

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    Sure. It might contain something I can use. You can mail it to myfirstname DOT mylastname AT telenet DOT be.

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    I've updated both Calctor and Calctor Mobile.

    Changes for Calctor 2.1:

    • Fixed some bugs in the snippets.
    • Added a notation to enter numbers with commas as separators between thousands, where the commas are ignored. To do this, just put the numbers between single quotes. Example: '10,000,000'.
    • When the output region has focus, and you start typing, the input region gets focus and receives the keystrokes.
    • Changed the Help-format from RTF to HTML, so it can be shared with the Calctor Mobile-codebase.
    • Updated the visual style to use the Office 2007 color schemes. You can chose what color scheme you like (Silver, Black or Blue).

    Changes for Calctor Mobile 1.1:

    • Added the comma-notation (see above).
    • Added documentation inside the application.
    • Removed unnecessary user-interface elements, like the tabs, and empty menus.
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    Here's a much delayed update on my crashing-Calctor situation:
    I later found out that my registry was corrupted and formatting and reinstalling everything did the trick.

    Back on topic:
    I've found that Calctor is useful as a function processor so that I can mix math and english and get numerical results on-demand like this:
    reagent "well" IN TERMS OF LITERS + 100 microliters sample dilutent + 100 microliters sample extract = 1 test
    (90 milliliters of extraction solution + 1 level scoop of milk extraction additive IN TERMS OF LITERS + 10 milliliters of juice) * x% = 100 microliters sample extract
    (1 foil pouch of extraction additive IN TERMS OF LITERS + 1000 milliliters of distilled water) * y% = 90 milliliters of extraction solution

    Some scenarios:

    (90 extraction solution + 25 milk extraction additive + 10 juice) * x% = 0.1 sample extract

    And, when I typed the last line, I instantly got a result: 0.0008

    Some bugs I've noticed:
    Copy doesn't work in the output area
    After my screensaver comes on and I log back in, Calctor's GUI control library crashes.
    The color scheme menu shouldn't use check marks because they imply that I can check multiple color schemes. Bullet points are better.

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    I'll see what I can do about the UI crash. About the copy-function that doesn't work in the output region: what happens exactly if you press the Copy-button in the output region? Can't you paste the copied output in Notepad or Wordpad?

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    Oh, I wasn't using the copy button. I was using CTRL + C.

    Using the copy button, it copies the entire output contents, not my selected text.

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    You're right: Ctrl+C should be implemented, and only the selected text should be copied. I'll add it in the next version.

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