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Channel 9 Desktop Buddy

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    This idea is from jsampsonPC's c9Guy Desktop Buddy and leighsword's C9 Buddy(With Source). I wrote it in 2 hours and I belive it's worth seeing. The ZIP file contains the C# source code and the application. I tried to comment as possible so you can be able to understand it.

    When ever there are new videos, the buddy will go out from the right corner with an alert sound. I faced some problems with loading the RSS feed to the dataset, but got over it using XSLT, I got the solution from Bruce Johnson's SOA(P) Box Blog. It took me a while to understand the feed and manipualte with it.

    waiting your feedback Big Smile

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    the app fails just because we have a authentication failure for http proxy.
    There should be a provision to provide HTTP Proxy username and password

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    mm Perplexed

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