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Clock app for Title bar

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    There is no documentation for this. No help screen. Not in the actual version.

    For the TimeFormat you have to create a REG_SZ under


    called TimeFormat with e.g. the value '%d. %m. %y   %H:%M' (without the quotation marks) and you get the dateformat like "26.07.08 18:05".
    You can get the strftime-parameters e.g. from

    There are as well 'Color' (REG_DWORD) e.g. 'ffffff' for white, Left (REG_DWORD) and Top ( REG_DWORD).

    If you cannot compile the BarClock, its a pity. Its more useful if you CAN compile it.
    You need Visual Studio 2003 or similar.

    If you add in BarClockWnd.cpp somewhere after  after:

     int color = a->GetProfileInt(

     // REG_SZ FontSize (default = 15)
     int fontsize = a->GetProfileInt(
      15 // default is 15

    and after

    lfCaptionFont = ncmNonClientMetrics.lfCaptionFont;

    lfCaptionFont.lfHeight = fontsize;

    then you can use a REG_DWORD called FontSize, where you can determine the fontsize.

    And i changed the "EasterEgg" :

     if (nChar == VK_ESCAPE) // Easter egg
    // this serves as copyright - preserve this feature


      if (nChar == VK_ESCAPE) // Exit

    to get an exit possibility. Without this, no saving of color and so on in registry

    Regards, franc


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