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Custom Control for Avalon: Radial Menu

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    Here's a custom control for Avalon Beta1 RC that can act as a radial menu, or even just a radial container for that matter.  A basic explaination and the source code (along with the control's .dll) and a couple more pics can be found at my blog:  Nate Furtwangler

    I've provided a demo for those of you who can run Avalon Beta1 RC applications, it's definitely better to see it in action.

    As with any experimental project, there are a lot of things I would do differently now and if I had more time.  Also, I found a couple limitations within Avalon (property triggers can't initiate an Action and event triggers can't set properties) which affected the way I did a couple of things, although I've recently learned that most of my gripes have already been addressed in the next version of Avalon, so thats good to know.

    The control does not have to expand to a full 360 degrees, that is user defined as well as the Radius and StartingAngle (the Demo binds these 3 properties to sliders so you can play with them and watch what happens on the fly).  With such customizability the control could be used in a corner, an edge or anywhere else.

    I think I'm going to write a Code Project article on how I made it so people who want to make custom Avalon controls will have a tutorial to follow.  I had a hard time finding much info on the subject that wasn't extremly basic or vague.

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