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DotMatrix Simulated Matrix Display

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    This is just a project I threw together for fun. I do not know if there are any practical applications for this, but it was fun just messing around with it and seeing if I could actually get it working. I'm sure there are possibly some bugs in there as this was not meant to be commercially viable. However the code does simulate a 5X7 character matrix display. Lots of features, bulb size, colors, output to image files, etc. Thought I'd share this with you guys. Enjoy!

    Forgot to mention this was built with VS 2003.

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    Is it impossible to update the zip file once its uploaded? Seems odd unless I am missing something here.

    Weird, maybe a bug but the zip wasnt updating in the edit thread. Now its working, fixed a few small bugs.

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    Wow! Just that what I'm looking for. Smiley Maybe I port this to C# and release it on Very usefull thing... Bye Frank Loizzi

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