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IE add-on: Open In Default Browser

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    In Firefox an extension exists - IE View - to open a link target in IE.

    I asked if a similar extension could be created for IE - Sven pointed out that it could.

    This IE add-on will allow you to click on a link in IE, and open its target in your default browser.

    Sven's version allows you to open the target in Firefox.

    EDIT: Why, you may ask?

    Well, in my humble opinion, there are only two browsers that matter -- Internet Explorer, and your default browser.

    If your default browser is Internet Explorer, you don't need this.

    If you're in your default browser, you don't need this.

    But if you're in Internet Explorer, and your default browser is something else, you might find this useful.

    If you would like an "Open in Firefox" and an "Open in Opera", see Sven's version linked above Smiley

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