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KPL Game and article - SantaGifts

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    The zipped package contains a KidsProgrammingLanguage (KPL) game program and article soon to be available on the Coding4Fun site.  For more information about KPL visit

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    (regarding KPL which I didn't know about)

    Really great!

    While VB.NET/C# are relatively easy they can still be quite intimidating for the "my first little program/game" which was so simple in, say c64 basic or quickbasic. Back then I dabbled a bit in C & Pascal but with no teacher they proved very difficult to adapt to when I had been thinking in terms of c64/quickbasic for too long. So in a way it's good that it's called "kids programming language" - you know you should grow up from there instead of sticking with it for too long like I did (w/the mentioned).

    BTW. from the looks of that it seems you can do really nice stuff in it too, atleast compared to what I remember doing in those other basic languages. Big Smile

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    Wow.. Seems you can do some serious looking 3D fun with it too (in near future)!

    Guess I am still a kid too and gonna definetely keep this in mind Wink

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    Hey Androidi!  Thanks for checking out KPL.  Yeah, truth is, us big kids are having as much fun with it as the kid kids are.  Big Smile

    We have recorded a video interview and demo of KPL for Channel 9, btw - it should be up in another 2 or 3 weeks.  Keep an eye out for it! It'll include stuff that's only under development for KPL v 2 - like robotic remote control and 3D programming with 30 lines of code. :O

    Probably the best link for checking out KPL is this one, which shows a bunch of screenshots, of the IDE as well as lots of programs that have been written with KPL.  Oh, if you check them out, make sure you scroll down to see the coolest ones at the bottom of the page.  Smiley

    the kpl site itself is

    Hat's off to Larry, who has written several of the best of them, including the one he posted about here!

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    Oh, man!  I just have to add this - you're not gonna believe what Larry's doing with a KPL version of Missile Command!  Schweet!  What do you think, Larry, another Coding4Fun article about that when it's done??

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